Prices are listed as ranges because the complexity of the request can vary. I'm very honest about what does and doesn't take much of my time. If you need something fairly simple, I will charge at the lowest end of the bracket. You may contact us for a quote without commitment at any time.

Coding Services

All services, unless specified, assume that you will provide all the necessary graphic/audio elements. This is for code only. Placeholders may be created if you need. PSD files are preferred. The more graphics you can provide me, the less work there is for me and the cheaper your price. I'm willing to work within budgets.

GUI Code

I will take your images and turn them into a functional interface. This is for dialogue windows, buttons, scrolls, and other widgets only. You must supply the art.

Screen Creation

If you need an interface for a game feature (char info, love progress bars, inventory, etc) but have no idea where to start, I can figure it out. Most importantly, I can get it functional for you.

Shop, Inventory Systems

Want to introduce item management to your game? From clothes to potions, I can create a shop for your needs. Most shop systems require an inventory system in place as well, and I can take care of that, too. Discuss me with me the goals and uses of the system so I can properly quote you.

Map System

If you need a way for the player to travel around the world - or just around the house - I can code it for you.

Battle Systems

I can craft very simple or complex RPG systems based on your needs. I am limited, however, by the capability of the engine, so battle systems must be turn-based. When asking for a quote, please discuss with me the minimum requirements you seek in your system. I am not interested in re-creating Jake's Battle System for you, however. If you want an isometric battle system, start there.

Narrative Scripting - Base minimum of $50 per your story's 10k words

Wrote your entire story, but dread placing all the facial expressions, music, and sound effects? I'll take on the task for you. I make sure all of the music & sound effects are .OGG and free-use, even for commercial projects. I work hard to make sure that all characters express accurately to the situation and dialogue.

Menu Design

The main menu is one of the first impressions you have to make on your player. Using your graphics, I will arrange an appealing and professional design for you. I will also design other game screens, such as a CG Gallery, Music Gallery, etc for continuity. 

How This Works

Minor tweaks & bug fixes are included for 6 months. I accept PayPal payments to my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Some projects that deal with large prices may require a contract.

When contacting for a quote, please include game resolution and if the project is time-sensitive.

Of course, also include your vision of the completed work and how you imagine it will work. If I cannot complete all aspects of functionality that you are desiring, I will let you know. If I find that I am incapable of your request, I will refund your money.

If I have not replied to your initial email with 2 days, your email may have gone to the spam folder. Try again through another source. If I have not contacted you within a week on updates on your project, please send me an encouraging, motivational, "what the f*** is taking so long?" message and I'll get right back to you!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or private message me at LemmaSoft.