Create a band, rock the world, maybe fall in love. RockRobin is an otome rock band simulation game that follows a punk rocker grrl named Robin. Manage stats, release albums, get equipment, and don't forget to rock!


Robin was the lead vocalist for the band Shocker Millennium.  Keyword: was. After being unceremoniously dumped by her lover, she vows to start her own band to get back at him.

She finds band-mates in a crazy teen, a stuffy businessman, and a walking painful memory. Can you help turn them into a real band and solve all their petty personal problems? What am I saying? Of course you can!


Customize your band

Upgrade your gear and housing

Find out what other's think of your music

Design your own album covers

Play gigs and get bonuses with the mini-game

Shop for gifts for your bandmates

Be a rock star


400,000 Words

800x600 Resolution

Ages 15+ Only



Demo (177mb) Beta Release (400mb)

Main Characters

The game is currently split between Story Mode and Open-Ended Mode. Story Mode is story-intensive, so you are required to have certain band members. Don't worry! You can customize your band right after you complete Story Mode once. Here are the characters that you will interact with in Story Mode:

  • Robin Gilly

    A not-so-sweet rocker girl who is kicked out of the band she helped start at the beginning of the game. Bitter, she's determined to make her own band and surpass them. Things get more complicated when she's forced to travel to her past life to do it.
  • Dallas Reed

    He knows Robin from “once upon a time” when they were in a band together. After a nasty falling out, they broke their long friendship and went their separate ways. Now Robin needs him more than ever, but can he forgive her? Can she forgive him?
  • Beauregard LeMay

    A trust fund baby with an alter ego that fools everyone – but Robin. After an unfortunate event at his family’s hotel, Beau is propelled alongside her into rock stardom, even though it seems like just a fleeting hobby to him.
  • Emmitt Kirby

    The son of a rock legend, Robin knows that somewhere in his veins pumps the blood of a drum god. He’s easily distracted, so she has her work cut out for her if she’s ever to bring out his true potential. Just really wants Robin to like him, like, so bad.
  • Sterling Stone

    Robin’s former bandmate and lover. He’s her sworn enemy for life after being kicked out of the band she made him famous for. He’s mastered both the guitar and his vocals, making him a true force to be reckoned with. They have issues, to say the least.
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Recruitable Characters

After you have completed Story Mode, you will have unlocked new characters for Open-Ended Mode. If you meet their recruitment conditions (not everyone likes working with every music genre, and some require money up-front), you can have them in your band! This is a list of all characters you may have in your band after you unlock them. The hearts represent the characters that have romance arcs.

  • Robin

    Bass Vocals
    Always Available
  • Owen

    Keys GuitarBass
    Always Available
  • Natasha

    Always Available
  • Marcus

    Drums GuitarBass
    Always Available
  • Joel

    Drums GuitarBass
    Always Available
  • Wizz

    Keys Vocals Romancable
    Always Available
  • Emma

    Unlock Path: Emmitt
  • Blue Rose

    Unlock Path: Beau
  • Faust

    Guitar Violin + Romancable
    Unlock Path: Dallas
  • Jammy

    Drums Bass
    Unlock Path: Dallas
  • Alessandro

    Unlock Path: Beau
  • Seth

    Keys Vocals Romancable
    Unlock Path: Beau
  • Collin

    Vocals Romancable
    Unlock Path: Emmitt
  • Bruno

    Drums Guitar
    Unlock Path: Dallas
  • Claudette

    Keys Vocals Bass
    Unlock Path: Emmitt
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RockRobin is compromised of two very distinct types of gameplay. One part is a visual novel for story-telling, and one is a band simulator. Furthermore, the game is broken into two separate modes to experience these: Story Mode and Open-Ended Mode.

Band Management

This is the main part of the game! You will have to single-handedly lead your band to stardom. You will act as the band's manager and tell each band member what they should be doing, what gigs you will be playing, and so much more! But the hub for all of this is the daily planner. Most of the time, you will be relying on the top bar on the screen. It tells you how much Popularity and Cash you currently have, as well as the current date.

Your Popularity is your main gauge for how well you are playing the game. You can increase your popularity in various ways, mainly through playing gigs or good marketing.

Cash is your available funds that you can spend in the game. You earn money at the end of every month from CD sales and your sponsor's stipend, but you can also earn cash by completing good gigs. Each month, your expenses are subtracted from this total and you're allowed to go into the negative. However, if you do not raise your cash to be above $0 after 3 months after going bankrupt you will fail the game!

The date is important for objectives and for scheduling recording sessions & gigs.


Daily Planner

You will see this screen at the beginning of every band session. Sessions are usually Mon-Fri and Sat-Sun, unless you chose otherwise. You will start Story Mode with a small list of available actions, but it will expand soon. You can keep track of your story objectives on this screen as well.

Some actions require the weekend to be available to you. You can only Play Gigs or visit the Recording Studio on weekends (Saturday, Sunday). Completing one those actions will take up a full day, so plan accordingly!

The Relax option sends the entire band on vacation and lowers stress for everyone, at at a greater pace than if you selected it individually in the Manage Band screen. This is a great option if everyone is tired from too much work.

You may Shop at any time. Buying gifts for your friends will improve their relationship with you, as well as reducing their Stress (unless you give them an upsetting gift, that is!) On top of gifts, you can upgrade your equipment and living arrangements. But don't forget to pay the rent or it's back to living in Tracy's Bar!


Playing Gigs

When you chose to perform live, you must select the venue and your set list before you go on stage. What venues you have available to you depend on your band's Popularity.

Every gig will be rated at the end based on Music, Setlist, and Spectacle. Music represents your band's overall skill with their instruments. Setlist reflects the quality of your setlist and how interested the audience is in hearing it. Spectacle is your band's overall Star Quality. The amount of Cash you are paid and how much Popularity you gain will be determined by these scores.

You have the option of playing a Matching Memory Mini-game for gigs to potentially boost your rating. You flip over tiles and try to remember what you saw so that you can match all the pairs. On the Easy difficulty, there is no time limit.

Each time you perform live with a song, the popularity of that song will fade just a little bit. People don't want to hear the same thing over and over and over! Keep your setlist fresh.